3.4.0: "System hostCpuUsage" delivers array with "0" values ?!

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3.4.0: "System hostCpuUsage" delivers array with "0" values ?!

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I've a strange behaviour with that statement:

When I execute "System hostCpuUsage" in a workspace I always get an array with 5 numbers - and they all have "suitable" numbers in the range of 0 .. 100. And each call returns different numbers (more or less).

BUT - when I execute this statement in a method I get totally different values:

* Mostly I get an array with all five numbers set to zero (0)

* Then sometimes I get idle values with 100 - and all other set to 0

* When I add a "halt" statement AFTER this statement in the method I get the behaviour as when I execute it in the workspace

Strange ... any idea ?

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