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3.9 feature voting round

Cees De Groot
I still have that old "voting" software I once wrote as a
proof-of-concept of what we could do with SqP's web of trust. I
thought it'd be neat to do a round of voting about what should land in
v3.9, now that the 3.9a team is considering going to beta.

The team also thought it'd be need to get some structured input, so I
cleaned up the database and it's now available for voting.

The idea is simple:
- Go to http://de-1.tric.nl/seaside/sqp/list
- Login with your Squeak People account
- Create an issue or vote on issues.
You will see the number of votes you have constantly updated. Note: I
haven't yet added the possibility to delete issues, and if you add an
issue, you have to allocate at least one vote to it. So think before
creating issues! In fact, you can't even edit an issue - which is
logical, otherwise you could rig the voting (editing an issue should
logically imply losing all votes that were on it before the issue).

The SqP angle is that the higher your ranking, the more votes you get
- Observers get none, Apprentice gets 5, Journeyer 10, Master 15. This
is an entirely unfounded distribution and I'm not going to debate it
here ;-).

Note: this voting round serves two purposes:
- Advise, I repeat: advise, the 3.9a team. They're entirely free to
completely ignore the outcome of this stuff, although if many many
many people vote for something and they don't do it, it'd be nice if
they'd give a reason;
- Check whether this sort of utility is useful.

The software can be found in the SqueakPeople repository on SqueakSource.

Have fun!