A London Smalltalk Meeting

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A London Smalltalk Meeting

Bryce Kampjes

Hi, Francisco Garau and I are planning on organising a Smalltalk
meeting in London in about a months time. If there's some interest
we'll try to get a room somewhere. Otherwise, we could just meet on a
Tuesday with XtC.

There's some interest in doing something on a Saturday to allow
people to travel from outside London.

So, if you would like to meet other Squeakers or Smalltalkers in
London, join the list below. Or join if you would like to organise
something elsewhere in the country, join and some of us might manage
to leave the M25 (or enter it).

We've set up a mailing list for UK Smalltalk events below:
Thanks to the Squeak box-admins for setting this up for us.


P.S The XtC web site is below:

They're an Extreme Programming group that meets every Tuesday.