A Pet Project (retro gaming + smalltalk vm)

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A Pet Project (retro gaming + smalltalk vm)

Jeremy L.
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I started a little personal project to bend eToys into a retro-gaming computer-game/fantasy OS type presentation.  While I intend to keep all smalltalk and eToys funcationality at the heart of the image, a lot of restructuring of the menus and new tools are planned, including an attempt (dunno if I'll be successful, I'm new to smalltalk/eToys and I'm not a professionally trained programmer, just picked up a little here and there...i'm a graphics guy by trade) to replicate a lot of the functionality of Deluxe Paint series of image editors and reconstruction of some classic Tracker tools to take advantage of the FM synth, and other tools in the form of objects and widgets.  

I do also plan to include a limited palette along with a color managing system, but have not a clue yet as to how I will be implementing this, but limited display color is definitely in mind.  If anyone knows how to get the 4-bit color to display more than mostly grays, I'd love to learn how to access those color mixtures.

Anyway, I posted some super early screenshots to give an idea of where this project is heading.  YOu can clearly see eToys in it, but again, through the lense of a 'classic computer workstation' with lower resolution.

I hope to keep updating periodically.  this is a pet project and I've given myself 10 years to fully realize it, though recently, I've had some 'coding epiphanies' which has really sped up some things I thought I would have a much longer time figuring out (such as how to get fat pixels in the first place!).  Hopefully, the speed of going from idea to functional program will continue to get shorter and shorter.

Thanks to anyone who checked this out.  If you have any ideas or want to collaborate, let me know.  Keep in mind, again, I'm a completely smalltalk noob.  Even eToys sometimes gives me a headscratcher in terms of how to do certain things, so please be patient with me!  :)  

And here's the link to the 'test screenshots' I took.  Even on my severely underpowered machine I'm using to make this (fujitsu u820), it still manages to be able to maintain full screen refreshing at over 30fps (tested with stretched magnifier that has a step size of 0), so I'm fairly confident this project of this kind will be more than reasonable for most of my needs, at least.  :)

If anyone knows of any similar projects, too, that use smalltalk and retro-gaming/retro-computer aesthetics, do tell!  I'd love to see what other people are up to in that arena.Etoys in low resolution and then upscaled to fit native display with square fat pixels.