A new event system for Aida

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A new event system for Aida

Herbert König
Hi aiders,

Alex's suggestion of a new event system was a starting point for most
of the recent discussions here.

In case of WebButton having onClickDo:andUpdate(Many): would be faster
and create less garbage than refreshing the page. But using this
feature contradicts a button's submit behaviour.

So I changed some buttons to WebText and I like what I got (except the

So what to conclude from this example?

- To me (building apps not web pages) it is useful to have this event
system and go a step ahead in ajaxification of Aida.

- We would need a few new elements (like an AjaxWebButton which does
not submit and inputs that immediately change the model).

- We would need some more event types. Alex' model of a block and
elements to update looks like a good base for the other events, except
maybe a parameter to the block.

So what other events or elements do you find useful? And please give a
use case for these. And have I forgotten something?

If there is enough interest I think we (well, Janko or Nico :-) could
set up a wiki and a public repository for easier contribution.


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