A note about mac carbon VM and "ISO 8859-1" vm encoding setting

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A note about mac carbon VM and "ISO 8859-1" vm encoding setting

I have shipped an experimental VM with unix file names and VM  
encoding set to "ISO 8859-1" Latin1, however
there is a problem if you have a path name including say ƒ  (option-
f) the translation logic from utf-8 to Latin1 fails.
If you set the Vm to MacRoman then the translation succeeds and the  
image for example can be opened.

However then the issue is that the file browser, under 3.8 and  
3.9a-6696 then I *guess* attempts to consider file names coming from
the mac vm in MacRoman as being in Latin1 and then displays the wrong  
characters visually. However it does
permit the file to be opened and manipulated.  It's likely someone  
needs to figure out a compromise and/or fix to
ensure what the user sees in the Apple's finder matchs what you see  
in the squeak file browser.

I've posted this as Squeak 3.8.10beta13.app.zip
on my idisk experimental directory

This VM btw allows you to drag and drop images directly from Safari.

John M. McIntosh <[hidden email]> 1-800-477-2659
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.  http://www.smalltalkconsulting.com