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Stéphane Ducasse
FixUnderscores enh

MIMEDocument fixing.
added a few more methods from Squeak 3.9 for compatibility

- Issue 610: Removed ScreenController Class
        1. Moved utility methods from ScreenController to DisplayScreen.
        2. Changed existing references to ScreenController methods to  
reference the
        global instance of DisplayScreen, Display.
        3. Required changes to:  Graphics, Morphic, ST80, and System
        4. Tested changes in pharo0.1-10243dev09.02.3.image.
-Issue 612: 5851: Refactor SmalltalkImage saveAs.
Refactor SmalltalkImage-#saveAs to pull out the code that actually  
saves the image under a new name, into #saveAs: newName
Refactor some other methods that duplicate the use of the same code,  
to use #saveAs:

- Coral scriptLoader

Next Gary + some bug fixes asCharacter use + arguments in BC

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