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[ANN] 3.9a6721

Marcus Denker



        - remove Deprecated Methods from 3.8
        - moved all new deprecated method to *39Deprecated

        - 0001824: Add methodNode>>generate, fix senders to use it
        - 0002513: arcTan: returns angle in strange intervale
        - 0002118: Integer class >> #primesUpTo:
        - 0001109: ScrollPane code/comment mismatch
        - 0001734: [ENH] remove deprecated Chronology methods in 3.9 [cd][su]
        - 0002570: [Fix] When Color pret†y printing it is hard to read the  
light tan literals against the white background.
        - start of a ReleaseTest (testing for Undeclareds etc...)
        - BorderedMoph.st from Connectors

        - Change Set: versionCats-bf
          Author: Bert Freudenberg
        Show method categories in version listing. Particularily  
useful when checking
        overrides, where the only thing changed is the categorization.

        - Change Set: systemSupportFixes-bf
          Author: Bert Freudenberg
          Fixes to SmalltalkImage
          - rename readDocumentFile to recordStartupStamp, which is what it  
does nowadays
          - changesName is full path now, like imageName
          - derive full name for new image or changes from image path  
primitive, rather
            than default directory (in all regular cases they are identical)

        - Change Set: AnnotationMorphFix-wiz
         Author: (wiz) Jerome Peace
         Made some style changes to the annotation preference widget.  Two  
things. put the
         extra button in a better place. Made a more harmonious aspect ratio  
for the panels.