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[ANN] 3.9a7002

Marcus Denker


- updated SUnit packge (refactorings and a small bugfix)
- SequenceableCollection.st from Connectors
- BlockContext.st from Connectors
- MessageSend.st from Connectors
- TwoWayScrollPane.st from Connectors
- Object.st from Connectors
- CircleMorph.st from Connectors
- TextMorph.st from Connectors
- TileMorph.st from Connectors
- SketchMorph.st from Connectors
- StringMorphEditor.st from Connectors
- EllipseMorph.st from Connectors
- TTSampleStringMorph.st from Connectors
- TTSampleFontMorph.st from Connectors
- HandMorph.st from Connectors
- SketchMorph.mir.1.cs from SqueakLand
- TextMorph.mir.1.cs from SqueakLand
Change Set: PersMenuFix-wiz
Author: (wiz) Jerome Peace
The Yellow button personal menu item 'about this system' throws up a  
The message is being sent to SmallTalk (the dictionary) instead of  
SmallTalkImage current.
As I was here anyway I also took the time to remove the only  
reference to the isFlagship
preference and the hardcoded preference method itself as per  
discussions with sw in mantis #2690.
Change Set: watcherTypeChange-sw
Date: 24 March 2005
Author: Scott Wallace

If the user changes the type of a Variable, watchers looking at that  
variable are now fixed up.
Any existing Watcher for the variable gets replaced by a labeled  
watcher appropriate for the new type.
This is a fix for Squeakland Mantis bug #1001.
- remove Preferences: #selectionsMayShrink  
#warningForMacOSFileNameLength #celesteHasStatusPane.
#celesteShowsAttachmentsFlag #autoAccessors #classicNewMorphMenu  
#showLinesInHierarchyViews #testRunnerShowAbstractClasses
- fix BlockContext>>#decompile to not reference Decompiler
- add CompiledMethod#decompileWithTemps (logic was in Tools... sigh!)
- ContextPart>>sourceCode simplified.