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[ANN] 3 different Combinations

HwaJong Oh

I've brushed up old Combinations to performance enhancements.

You can load it like:

ConfigurationOfSciSmalltalk project lastVersion load.

You may as why 3?
The is to compare them and collect some concensous. They are:
BadOldCombinations, NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtRandomAccess, NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtSequentialAccess.

I've named them a little longer but easier to distinguish. Check the class comments of the 3 and you will know the difference.

I'll post a benchmarking code below, so you can see how they differ.

seqWork := [:class| [ (class of: (1to:20) length: 10) asArray ] timeToRun]. 

t1 := seqWork value: BadOldCombinations.
t2 := seqWork value: NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtRandomAccess.
t3 := seqWork value: NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtSequentialAccess.

randWork := [:class| [ |c| c:= class of: (1to:20) length: 10.
1000 timesRepeat: [c atRandom] ] timeToRun ].

t4 := randWork value: BadOldCombinations.
t5 := randWork value: NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtRandomAccess.
t6 := randWork value: NewBetterCombinationsGoodAtSequentialAccess.

HwaJong Oh

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