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[ANN] 6710 update...

stéphane ducasse-2

Another busy day...
the new update contains
        - debugger fixes (asked by diego) and done by marcus
        - Services integration (I asked romain to send me the RB engine  
services so soon we will be able to
        have access to all the RB operations from all the browsers). I got  
some merge problems with MC but it seems to be resolved.
        - A nice cool and fast TestRunner Thanks lukas this is great  
(integrated by marcus)
        Marcus removed the old one from the Tools package.

Of course there is an image on the ftp....

We need feedback!! So if you are a contributor please check that I  
did not do any mistakes.
Else just use 3.9a since it starts to be really cool.

Certainly for next week. Next items on the pipeline are:
        - pending stuff on the 39 pages.
        - Compiler overrides + method annotations

Now going to work on something else..... :)