[ANN] Exupery 0.09 now released.

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[ANN] Exupery 0.09 now released.

Bryce Kampjes

Exupery 0.09 includes a bug fix for a bug found by Yakov. Exupery 0.08
would stop the image being saved if it was run by a non-Exupery
VM. There is a simple work around.

Exupery 0.09 also includes dynamically inlined primitives. Primitive
inlining is done by reading information out of the polymorphic inline
caches. More primitives will need to be implemented before this provides
a real world speed improvement but at least now Exupery will attempt
to compile and inline primitives.

Releases should be more frequent as Exupery moves towards a 1.0. It
would be helpful if a few people began to experiment with using
Exupery. Feedback on what needs to be done to provide a 1.0 release
would be useful.

At the moment both bug fixes and more primitives are required.