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[ANN] Garage 0.2 - GarageGlorp - GarageConnectionPool

Guillermo Polito
Hi all,

little announcement here.

Updated Glorp v1.11
I updated/merged latest configurations of Glorp with latest changes fixing TimeStamps and similar. I have fully green test cases in Pharo 5.
Latest version of the configuration is in Glorp's repository and copied to the corresponding MetaRepos.

GarageGlorp v0.1
A Garage extension to connect it to Glorp. All Glorp tests are green in Pharo3 and Pharo4.

Garage 0.2
Some patches on Garage 0.1 were required to make garage glorp work.
  - rows should be more polymorphic with arrays
  - added isResultSet telling if the result of a query has rows

Garage Connection Pool v0.1
A connection pool package featuring
  - control of idle connections
  - control of maximum connections to create


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