[ANN] Installer bootstrapping scripts update.

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[ANN] Installer bootstrapping scripts update.

obtain latest from: http://www.squeaksource.com/Installer

Latest version supports:

- auto answering questions for packages
- suppression of warnings
- can now specify squeakmap package version

Stephane pointed out that this installer is very similar in concept to
SqueakInstaller available at http://www.saltypickle.com/ 
The difference primarily being in my goal aiming for script readability.

e.g. To install seaside...

squeakmap := Installer squeakmap.
squeaksource := Installer repository: 'http://www.squeaksource.com'.
squeakmap install: 'DynamicBindings'.
squeakmap install: 'KomServices(1.0)'.
squeakmap install: 'KomHttpServer'.

seaside := squeaksource project: 'Seaside'.
seaside answer: '*administrator*' with: 'seaside';
             answer: '*password*'      with: 'admin'.

seaside   install: 'Seaside2.6b1';
               install: 'Scriptaculous';
               install: 'Comet'.
As Lukas pointed out some of this is fairly equivalent to SeasideInstaller,
you can do.

(Installer squeakmap)
    answer: '*administrator*' with: 'seaside';
    answer: '*password*'      with: 'admin';
    unload: 'SeasideInstaller';  "needed if this is not the first time"
    install: 'Seaside Installer'.

best regards



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