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[ANN] Inti Profiler

Dear friends and colleagues,

This last day of 2013, we would like to announce Inti, a new profiler for VisualWorks. Inti is a super facade for ATProfiler. Easy, effective, and beautiful.

Pictures available on:

Inti is available in the Cincom public store, under the name RProfiler. To try Inti, you have to
  1 - Load RProfiler and select the last version of all the asked packages

  2 - Apparently, Roassal is not properly loaded, no idea why. You need then to load the last version of Roassal (1.514)

  3 - If you are using OSX, you are probably facing the evil #nsBitmap DNU. You need to load the package CairoGraphics-OSXFix

  4 - Voila! Start/stop button in Inti to profile the running threads.

Things to try:
  * click on the colored disk to jump to the corresponding method context
  * left click on a method context to highlight it in the visualization
  * right click on a method context to highlight the class of the context in the visualization. Same thing for methods and packages. Really handy to quickly understand where CPU is spend on.

Inti is Cairo and Roassal powered. Inti only works if you have a working Cairo (which means having the proper .dll)

We would be *very* happy to have feedback on it. Milton has spend many months working on it.

Milton Alexandre

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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