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[ANN] JNIPort documentation moves to new web site

Joachim Geidel
Dear all,

so far, the documentation of JNIPort, the Smalltalk library for calling Java code from Smalltalk, has been hosted on a wiki at http://jniport.wikispaces.com.

Unfortunately, Wikispaces has decided to stop their offer to host free wikis unless they meet their definition of „educational“. This means that the JNIPort wiki at Wikispaces will be deleted soon, but not before Nov 14, 2014.

Therefore, I have moved the contents of the wiki to a new location:


Please update your bookmarks.

I will update the links in package comments and documentation as soon as possible, and upload new versions of JNIPort to the Cincom Public Store Repository and SmalltalkHub. This will probably happen when both Pharo 4 and VisualWorks 8.0 Non-Commercial have been released, and the upcoming version 3.0 of JNIPort is compatible with both of them.

Best regards
Joachim Geidel

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