[ANN] JRMPC 2021 in Jeopardy

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[ANN] JRMPC 2021 in Jeopardy

JRMPC 2021 is about to commence registration in less than two weeks. Unfortunately, disaster has struck. Ryerson University's developer for the competition software has pulled out of the project at the last minute, so they are stuck.

I am looking for a replacement on behalf of Ryerson, someone who can develop the competition software and meet the February deadline when the actual competition starts. That gives the person five months.

The original developer had this idea for the competition format. His replacement may choose to run with this idea, or come up with an entirely new idea. The key objectives are:
  1. the contestant submits his Pharo code solution (perhaps as a FileOut?)
  2. the code is executed to arrive at a score
  3. the highest score wins the competition
  4. the competition runs should be automated (manual runs for up to 250 contestants would be painful)
As an incentive, I am offering a CAN$1,000 bonus for anyone who steps up. I know it's not a huge incentive but it shows how desperate we are.

Meanwhile, we are exploring other options, but they are few.

Please reply to this email, as I don't get notifications from the mailing list.