[ANN] Lan.d.s Alpha: All Along the Language Tower

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[ANN] Lan.d.s Alpha: All Along the Language Tower

Nick Papoylias
Dear friends ! 

I am quite excited to announce the availability of an alpha version
of my latest work around Parsing and Programming Languages at:

Accompanied by ~ 30 min of transcribed eye-candy:

Backed by a crowdfunding campaign ! To get the book and stable release 
successfully out of the door:

Click, download, watch, enjoy ! If you like what you see, support the project ! Tiers
start from 5 and 10 euros per chapter for individuals. Companies supporting
the project can get 6 to 12 days of consultancy, on-site workshops and other perks.


What is all about ??

Lan.d.s is a new solution for language design. From general purpose 
languages like Lise (short for (list (embedding)) to Domain-Specific 
Languages using the MOODs framework, and everything else in between.
Lan.d.s is build around the formalism of Multi-Ordered Grammars, 
which are a possible alternative to CFGs and PEGs in wider use today. 

Multi-ordered grammars (or simply MOGs) aim for a better exploration of ambiguity, 
recursion, ordering and associativity during language design. They can be parsed using the 
Gray Algorithm. After parsing in order to ease the production of executable code
Lan.d.s introduces the Abstract Syntax Language (ASL), which is an OO 
solution for compile-time meta-programming. Finally in order to promote 
language extension and re-use, Lan.d.s employs GrammarTraits, as units of 
composition for both MOG rules and ASL actions.


Some random highlights for the impatient:

* Object subclass: #Prediction uses: Future syntax

* Languages are everywhere, they are all around you, even now in this very sentence.

* Study SICP with a Xerox flavor, while re-inventing some Bell-labs utilities.

* TOC-Board, the TOC for your next talk ;)

Enjoy !


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