[ANN] MaterialDesignLite for Seaside v1.1.0

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[ANN] MaterialDesignLite for Seaside v1.1.0

Hello everyone,

Today I released the version v1.1.0 of MaterialDesignLite for Seaside.

Since this is a minor version it shouldn't break anything existing, but
nobody can avoid bugs. If you encounter a regression, feel free to open
an issue and I'll try to commit a hotfix soon.

Thanks to Philippe Back, Paul Debruicker, Sabine Mana, Tobias Pape,
Guillaume Larcheveque and Yann Lesage for the contributions and the
feedback. Also thanks to everyone using this project.

You can now find an image with the project on pharo-contribution's
Jenkins and on PharoLauncher.
(https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-contribution/job/MaterialDesignLite) You can
find more detail on the README.md to start with the project.

One of the future goal would be to add Functional tests with Parasol.

Here is the changelog. You can find a more readable version at:


## Bug Fixes

* **SelectWidget: Do not upgrade the dom at all node insertion**
* **MDLDialog>>openButtonId: missing .close eventListener**
* **Chips: Use #ensureId rather than overriding #id & #id:**
* **SortableTable: Visible page might end up out of bounds**
* **NestedList: Tooltips are unusable**

## Features

* **Anchors as buttons** This add the possibility to have links with the
style of buttons to not break semantic
* **Sliders: New features** This add a label with MD style, possibility
to add an icon, possibility to add an output, show the bounds and a demo
* **Dialog: Multiple opening buttons for a dialog**
* **SelectWidget: Allow to customize the field**
* **SelectWidget: Add tooltips on entries**
* **SortableTable: Allow to have no pagination**
* **SortableTable: Allow to personalize the style**
* **NestedList: Add way to customize style + add some default styles**
* **NestedList: Ajax actions on clic**
* **NestedList: possibility to customize an entry**
* **NestedList: Possibility to have an icon to the right of the list**
* **NestedList: Add a filter**
* **NestedList: Dynamically load children**
* **NestedList: Search and loading should add a spinner while
* **Tooltip: API should let choose the position of the tooltip**

## Cleaning

* **Dialogs** Clean javascript
* **NestedList** Extract the javascript into a file and use dataset
instead of ids
* **Extract Material Colors in another project** New repositories to get
only the MDLColors:
* **Improve Chips loading scripts**

## Infrastructure

* **Travis and Appveyor CI**

## Compatibility

### Squeak

* **`MDColor` has a lowercase class variable**

### Gemstone

* **Use string in baseline and remove #asString**

Cyril Ferlicot


2 rue Jacques Prévert 01,
59650 Villeneuve d'ascq France

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