[ANN] New MQTT Support Project for VA Smalltalk now on Github

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[ANN] New MQTT Support Project for VA Smalltalk now on Github

Seth Berman
Hello all,

Just letting folks know about a new project I've started, along with help from Norbert Schlemmer, to bring
MQTT Messaging protocol support to VA Smalltalk.

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol and VA Smalltalk's client support makes use of 
the Eclipse Paho MQTT C project.

This support comes in 2 parts:
- Smalltalk code (which I have begun to release at VastGoodies.com) named MQTT-Paho
- C code providing supporting user-primitives, thread-safety, and callback implementations.

The C Code is currently on Github at the following location.  This is functional, but a work in progress as I bring different platforms online and finish the support.

All the infrastructure is in place so within a couple of weeks this should be good to go.

-- Seth

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