[ANN] New microworld + Extra chapters for the BotsInc environment

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[ANN] New microworld + Extra chapters for the BotsInc environment

stéphane ducasse-2
Hi all,
I'm currently migrating to the newest release of BotsInc environment  
the second microworld that was initially planned to be described in  
the book.

For now I published on my web site http://smallwiki.unibe.ch/botsinc/ 
download/ an old image that you can use with the current environment  
(just drop the .image file on the squeak executable). Pay attention  
that this is an old version (prior to the distribution 02-2005). This  
old image that works on any platforms. I also released some advanced  
drafts of chapters describing this microworld and also some really  
fun chapters for BotsInc. I hope to find some money to ask a  
professional to proofread them. For now they are given for free as  
they are. I plan to give them for free in the future too.


PS: you can get more about BotsInc at:


BotsInc is the environment of the book Squeak: Learn Programming with  
Robots I wrote over the last 4 years. With Bots Inc you will learn  
how to program robots in an interactive environment. Bots Inc  
proposes three teaching approaches: direct command of robots,  
scripting robots and programming robots. The book contains 24  
chapters going step by step over topics with a lot of examples. Bots  
Inc is fun but it is not a toy, it teaches you 100% real programming.  
Bots Inc is built on top of the rich open-source multimedia Squeak  
environment that you can also discover.

  "if you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you
  do different? ...  especially if,  by doing something different,
  today might not be your last day on earth" Calvin&Hobbes

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