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[ANN] New window tiling shortcuts

Pavel Krivanek-3

the latest Pharo 7 includes new window tiling shortcuts that should help you to manage windows position and size without the need of using a mouse.

In this description, the key ⌘ has equivalent in Ctrl on Linux and Windows. I need to notice that some nicer key combinations would be chosen if the VM support of key modifiers would be proper on all platforms but that is a different story...

Windows tiling

⌘+Shift+W, A  - move the window to the left half of the screen.
⌘+Shift+W, D  - right half
⌘+Shift+W, W  - top half
⌘+Shift+W, X  - bottom half

⌘+Shift+W, Q - move the window to the top left quadrant of the screen
⌘+Shift+W E - top right quadrant 
⌘+Shift+W, Z - bottom left quadrant
⌘+Shift+W, C - bottom right quadrant

⌘+Shift+W, S - maximize the window
⌘+Shift+W, Shift+S - minimize the window

⌘+Shift+W, R - centre the window on the screen with a default extent

Windows moving

⌘+Shift+W, ←  - move the window left by half of its width
⌘+Shift+W, →  - move the window right by half of its width
⌘+Shift+W, ↑  - move the window up by half of its height

⌘+Shift+W, ↓  - move the window down by half of its height

Windows resizing

⌘+Shift+W, hold ⌘+Shift and press:
A, A  - move left window edge left (by half of the window size)
A, S  - move left window edge right (by half of the window size)
W, W  - move top edge up
W, S  - move top edge down
D, D  - move right edge right
D, S  - move right edge left
X, X  - move bottom edge down
X, S  - move bottom edge up


-- Pavel