[ANN] NewTools 0.4 integrated into Pharo 9 (New Playground and New Debugger)

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[ANN] NewTools 0.4 integrated into Pharo 9 (New Playground and New Debugger)

Esteban Lorenzano

Hi all, 

Today we have integrated (finally!) the first version of our Spec2 based NewTools. 

While this is a fairly long process that will lead to all tools in Pharo to be written with the same framework and following the same design guidelines, we started with the easiest one (the playground) and one of the most complex (the debugger) to start fleshing out what we want to achieve.

Next weeks we will release the new inspector, which for now resides only inside the new debugger and it is just a proof of concept for the moment.

In general, for any tool to be a fair replacement to some other tool, it needs to fulfill this two criteria:

  1. it needs to solve all the problems the previous tool solved, and

  2. it needs to solve problems the previous tool did not.

What do you have to expect from the integrated new tools?

  • The new debugger:

    • Allows object centric debugging.

    • Enhances extensibility, making adding plugins a lot easier than before.

    • Enables scripting.

  • The new playground

    • Enables sharing variables between playgrounds

    • Enhances visibility of binding variables by embedding an inspector

    • Enhances visibility of saved pages

Both tools should cover already most of the functionality the older tools but there are still some missing features and for sure a good amount of bugs you will find it and we will gladly fix :)

Do you want to know more?