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[ANN] P3 version 1.3

Sven Van Caekenberghe-2

There is a new release of P3, the modern, lean and mean PostgreSQL client for Pharo.


Version 1.3 contains the following changes:

- Add object logging, see the P3LogEvent hierarchy
- Added P3ConnectionPool with tests
- Better management of prepared statements
- Add support for Chronology objects Time, Date and DateAndTime to be used directly as binding arguments for formatted/prepared statements, with tests
- Added basic support for array based parameter binding, see P3ValuesArray and #printValuesArrayOn:
- Better documentation and fallback for session/connection timezone and character encoder/decoder
- Reimplementation of P3Error adding unique codes and #isLocal as opposed to PostreSQL server generated messages; signalling now happens with instances created by class side accessors
- Bring back P3Client>>#queryEncoding as an alias for P3Client>>#serverEncoding as compatibility support for PharoDatabaseAccessor
- Add P3DatabaseDriver>>#connectSSL:
- Various cleanups and internal improvements


The quality of open source software is determined by it being alive, supported and maintained.

The first way to help is to simply use P3 in your projects and report back about your successes and the issues that you encounter. You can ask questions on the Pharo mailing lists.

I want to thank all contributors and users for their help and feedback: you make a real difference.

Since the end of last year, I have been using P3 in a real commercial production context, processing 10.000s of inserts a day and successfully supporting a web application for consulting the data.



Sven Van Caekenberghe
Proudly supporting Pharo