[ANN] Pharo Sprints first half 2019

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[ANN] Pharo Sprints first half 2019

Marcus Denker-4
We organise one Pharo “Sprint” per month were we meet to work on boring issue tracker entries together.

Goals of the next sprints:

        - Fix issues for Pharo8
        - Backport important fixes to Pharo7

Remotely, you can join us on Discord. During the sprint, we will try to synchronize local and
remote Pharo sprinters. In the past people organised local sprints at the same time (e.g. Santiago/Chile).
See here for more infos: http://pharo.org/contribute-events

There will be an event on the association website for each sprint. The next dates are:

- 22 Feb https://association.pharo.org/event-3253818
- 29 Mar https://association.pharo.org/event-3253842
- 26 Apr https://association.pharo.org/event-3253846       
- 31 May https://association.pharo.org/event-3253848
- 28 Jun https://association.pharo.org/event-3253850

For more Pharo Event, have a look at the Events Page: https://association.pharo.org/events