[ANN] PolyMath 1.0 release

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[ANN] PolyMath 1.0 release

Dear all,

we are happy to announce the release of PolyMath 1.0, the
computational framework for Pharo.

Please find more information about the project here:

Changelog of modifications is available here:

You can install the 1.0 version in a fresh Pharo 7.0 with the
following code snippet:

Metacello new
repository: 'github://PolyMathOrg/PolyMath:v1.0/src';
baseline: 'PolyMath';

Thank you Hemal, Oleks, Atharva, Nikhil, Konrad and Werner for your
help on this release.

I will do a PolyMath 1.0 talk at ESUG 2019.


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