[ANN] PrismCodeDisplayer for Seaside v1.0.0

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[ANN] PrismCodeDisplayer for Seaside v1.0.0


We just finished the release v1.0.0 of PrismCodeDisplayer for Seaside.

Prism (https://github.com/PrismJS/prism/) is a lightweight, robust,
elegant syntax highlighting library.

The Seaside binding allows to:
    Display code
    See line numbers
    Select code and act on the selection
    Customize the style of some text intervals
    Add links to text intervals
    Add a search feature
    Have a dynamic loading of the text content
    Copy the text content
    Have a minimap

Project can be found at: https://github.com/DuneSt/PrismCodeDisplayer

Demo at: https://demos.ferlicot.fr/PrismDemo

Cyril Ferlicot
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