[ANN] SIXX 0.2 is available for Squeak 3.9

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[ANN] SIXX 0.2 is available for Squeak 3.9

Masashi UMEZAWA-2

We have upgraded SIXX to 0.2. The new version is available for all
platforms (Squeak, VisualWorks, and Dolphin Smalltalk).

SIXX 0.2:
(Also loadable from SqueakMap).

SIXX now supports 'shape changed' class deserialization. Even if class
definitions are changed between SIXX file and the current image, you
can read the file via SixxShapeChangeReadStream.

Other features:
- Safer Boolean reading
- Added a new option "SixxSettings>>useNCR"
    - You can specify whether to write multi byte string by numeric
character references or not.
- Unicode string (de)serialization support (Squeak, VW)
- Added more hook methods for customizing serialization/deserialization.

More details are described here:

[:masashi | ^umezawa]
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