[ANN] SIXX 0.2c is available on all major Smalltalk dialects

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[ANN] SIXX 0.2c is available on all major Smalltalk dialects

Masashi UMEZAWA-2
Hi all,

I've updated SIXX to 0.2c. A new hook #sixxReferenceIdInContext: is useful
for comparing SIXX files by usual diff tools.

<<New Features in 0.2c>>
- Fraction serialization/deserialization support.
- SixxReadStream can read no-root-tag sixx format.
- Added a new option "SixxSettings>>useReducedTags"
    If this option is on, RIXX (Reduced SIXX) will be generated.
- Bug fix of ShapeChanger
- Added a hook "Object>>sixxReferenceIdInContext:"
    By overriding this method, you can use your domain object's id in SIXX.

- Squeak
    - SqueakMap
    - ftp://swikis.ddo.jp/SIXX/squeak/SIXX20070812.sar
- VisualWorks
    - Cincom Public Store Repository
    - ftp://swikis.ddo.jp/SIXX/vw/SIXX-VW0.2-20070812.zip
- Dolphin Smalltalk
    - ftp://swikis.ddo.jp/SIXX/dolphin/SIXX0.2-Dolphin20070812.zip

About SIXX:

Other features are listed at:

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