[ANN] SandstoneDb now available as FileTree/Metacello repo

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[ANN] SandstoneDb now available as FileTree/Metacello repo

Tim Johnson-2
Hi all,

Happy almost new year.

You might remember (or even still be using) Ramon Leon's SandstoneDb
project.  It allowed small Seaside apps to use disk-based persistence
without much added effort or infrastructure.


At Camp Smalltalk 2019 in Charlotte, Dale Henrichs graciously offered his
help to adapt SandstoneDb from SqueakSource into a FileTree/Metacello
repo.  Ramon Leon gave his permission.  It was then my duty to put some
finishing touches on the project, and open up the repo.  Well, nearly two
years later, here it is:


I *believe* that all the finishing touches have been completed;  however,
I have not tested the support for Fuel, GOODS, or Pharo.  There also *may*
have been one lingering detail which I have missed over the 1.5 years
since I last focused intently on this -- hopefully it's just the fact that
when the project is loaded into an image, there ends up being a
"SandstoneDb" category with no classes in it.  Otherwise, it passes all
tests in Squeak 5.2, except for one speed test (expects to complete in 3s
but completes in 3.001s on my computer :) ).

Code contributions, issues, and testing efforts are welcome!


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