[ANN] Squeak Foundation Election 2008 coming up!

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[ANN] Squeak Foundation Election 2008 coming up!

Göran Krampe
(Ron beat me to it :) but this one is official)

Dear Squeakers,

A year has passed (oh, so quickly) and it is time to reflect a bit and
ramp up your democratic rights here in Squeak country! Every year we
elect the Squeakfoundation Board (http://www.squeak.org/Foundation)
consisting of seven members from our community.

This year I have stepped up as the election leader of 2008 relieving
Daniel Vainsencher of this duty (thank you Daniel for earlier
elections!) and hope to lead us through it without too many problems -
after all, we know how this works by now. :)

The schedule and process is as follows, only slightly adjusted from
earlier years:

Now through 22nd February (circa 18 days): Nominations of board members
        Candidates should nominate themselves on the squeak-dev mailing list.
        Or if you nominate someone else, make sure that person really wants
        to run. :)

22nd February to 29th February: Campaigning period
        During this period the candidates should ideally present themselves
        and the community can ask questions. We will probably organise some
        form of structured Q&A activity - details to follow soon.

1st march 6PM (18.00) UTC: Online election starts using the CIVS system
        The voting period is one week long and ballots are sent out via email.
        Only Squeakers rated as Apprentice (or higher) on
        people.squeakfoundation.org are eligible to vote - make sure your
        email address is up to date there!!!

8th march 6PM (18.00) UTC: Online election ends
        Results will be announced as soon as possible on the 8th or 9th.


In order to vote - be sure to confirm that you have an account on
people.squeakfoundation.org and that your email address is up to date.
If you are not already registered on the site do so as soon as
possible. Include information about your participation in the Squeak
community to aid everyone in determining your appropriate certification.
If you have an account but cannot access it any longer please email
[hidden email] and specify your account name.
When the voting period starts all voters will receive an email with
instructions and a link to the voting website.

If there are any further questions, just reply and I will follow up on
squeak-dev. More information and details will follow and everything
about the election can be tracked here:


regards, Göran Krampe on behalf of the Election Team
Announcements and News from the Squeak Community
Squeak: http://squeak.org/
[hidden email]