[ANN] Stargate v5.0.0 [v5.0.0] released!

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[ANN] Stargate v5.0.0 [v5.0.0] released!

Buenos Aires Smalltalk

Stargate, a library supporting the creation of HTTP based RESTful APIs. reached it's v5.0.0 version.

Breaking Changes

  • Pharo 6.1 is no longer supported
  • Permissions on JWT tokens are now encoded in a permissions claim and not shadowing scope, to match Auth0 access tokens.
  • Updated dependencies: Buoy v6 , Launchpad v3 and Hyperspace v2

Non Breaking Changes

Migration Guide

  • Issued JWT tokens used for operations needs to be re-issued following the new guidelines.
  • Account for the new dependency versions


The Buenos Aires Smalltalk team