[ANN] Swazoo beta3 with final WebSockets released

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[ANN] Swazoo beta3 with final WebSockets released

Janko Mivšek
Dear all,

Here is hopefully last beta for Swazoo 2.3 with WebSockets upgraded to
final RFC. Thanks to Hans-Martin Mosner :)

You can find it with Squeak/Pharo on SqueakSource:


and for VisualWorks in Public Store.

>From release comment:

Swazoo 2.3 beta3 release, same as on Squeak/Pharo

1. WebSockets protocol upgraded to a final RFC thanks to Hans-Martin Mosner

2. IP blacklising and whitelisting introduced, add IP address patterns
to collections in
    SwazooServer singleton ipBlacklist or ipWhiteList
- urlBlacklist added, to filter by url patterns
- ipAllowedList added, for kind of 'root' IPs, always allowed access

3. more:
- SwazooServer instvar #other introduced, #watchdog removed and moved to
- SpTimestamp extended with #millisecond method
- HTTPRequest printOn: for POSTs prints postdata or entity body too
- Collection count: added on VW, for Squeak/Pharo compatibility

2. pathces:
- HTTPConnection close didn't terminate the loop process
- SwazooWebSocket asByteArray:, implemented here for portability
- Sport patch: SpAbstractSocketReadRequest #close missing
- HTTPRequest printOn: prints AJAX for such requests
- HTTPConnection interact raises error for non OsErrors (VW specific!)
- extension: Collection #count: added, for compatibility with Squeak/Pharo
- HTTPConnection getAndDispatchMessages don't close http10 with keepAlive!
- SwazooStream anyDataReady ignore any exception when #fillBuffer
- SwazooURI proper parsing of protocol, host and port
- patch: HTTPRequest printOn:
- SwazooServer
 -- stop, stops all instances of HTTPServer, just for sure
 -- category private-wathcdog removed
- FileResponse printEntityOn: binary
- SpFileStream binary, nextAvailable
- Collection count: added
- patch: HTTPConnection close nils self server, nextPutError ignores any
further error
- HTTPConnection produceResponseFor: exception catching removed, there
is another one upper in #interact anyway

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
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