[ANN] Swazoo has now WebSocket support

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[ANN] Swazoo has now WebSocket support

Janko Mivšek
Dear Smalltalkers,

Past few days I worked on WebSocket implementation in Swazoo Smalltalk
web server [1], in coordination with Philippe Marschall from Seaside [4]
and Nicolas Petton from Iliad [5] devteams, so together with me from
Aida/Web [3] our cooperation ensures that this implementation is ready
to be adapted for all three main web frameworks.

Why WebSocket? Because it will replace current Comet hacks to enable a
bidirectional messaging between browser and web application, specially
for web app to send something back to the browser without waiting for
user to click something. Read a bit more about WebSocket here:


WebSocket as browser supported technology enables opening an always
present channel, so that web app can send commands like update some
element of the webpage at any time. That's why WebSocket is ideal for so
called "real-time" web.

You are invited to look at the code for Squeak/Pharo as Swazoo2.3beta1.1
at http://www.squeaksource.org/Swazoo.html

A bit more about WebSocket in Swazoo:


Best regards
Swazoo maintainer

[1] Swazoo WebSocket support
[2] Introducing WebSockets
[3] Aida/Web
[4] Seaside
[5] Iliad

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