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[ANN] Taming Fills

Jerome Peace
[ANN] Taming Fills
Hi All,

Context: You have a morph with a gradient or bit map
fill and you would like to adjust the scale and
orientation to your liking.

Problem: The only way to adjust things is one
parameter at a time from the fill menu. Furthermore
once you have selected to adjust a parameter a handle
is created at the cursor (which was doing menu
selection just a moment ago.).. And the previous
setting of the parameter is lost.

Solution: Have handles for the fill that allow
manipulation of all the parameters until the user is
satisfied. Then allow the removal of those handles.

Working code for evaluation is available on Bob’s
Taming Fills

and a report has been started on mantis:

0006594: [Fix] [Enh] A better way to handle
Balloon-Fill adjustments

Feedback appreciated. Send kudo’s to the lists and
technical feedback to mantis.

Yours is service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace.

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