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[ANN] Teachable on GitHub

Torsten Bergmann
I moved Teachable project now to GitHub:


The Project shows the power of Smalltalk meachanisms within Pharo and
can be useful for dynamic mock object building in unit tests.

Docu and load instructions are included in the project site.

Side note:
You can also easily load it via catalog within Pharo 8/9:

 - take a fresh clean Pharo image using PharoLauncher
 - click on "regular network connection" in the Quick setup sectiono of Pharo welcome window
   (this allows spotter to show catalog projects)
 - open Spotter (SHIFT+ENTER) and key in "Teachable", hit ENTER to load via catalog

Another possibility is to search for "Teachable" in Catalog utility directly (Tools -> Catalog Browser).

Have fun