[ANN] UbiquiTalk: UBQUITous computing in smallTALK

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[ANN] UbiquiTalk: UBQUITous computing in smallTALK

Michaël Piel

UbiquiTalk is an open P2P platform that supports automatic peer
discovery without requiring any infrastructure. Hence, UbiquiTalk can
be used either within a network infrastructure or an adhoc network
(e.g. Wifi).

Each UbiquiTalk peer, named "host", can act either as a service
provider or as a client or both. Users are provided an administration
graphical interface to customize their respective hosts, and choose to
export or import some services or none. The client part of UbiquiTalk
GUI allows user to watch host detection and disparition. Moreover, it
allows users to use some service provided by a particular host.
Currently, we have two GUIs one for PDAs and the other for laptops and
desktop computers.

UbiquiTalk has been implemented on top of Squeak. It relies on rST
(Remote Smalltalk) for remote message sending. Regarding host
discovery, We used IP Group Multicast. Therefore, UbiquiTalk can be
used through the Internet.

UbiquiTalk is freely available for download on:

Noury and Michaël

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