[ANN] WebAsset, SwazooPragmaResource (and SwazooPragmaResourceDemo), and SwazooAmberHost

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[ANN] WebAsset, SwazooPragmaResource (and SwazooPragmaResourceDemo), and SwazooAmberHost

These are two small "REST"-related packages that I just replicated to the public store repository.  They are VisualWorks-only for now.  From their package comments:

Extension via subclassing of Assets that overrides all imports so that assets are imported as byte arrays.  Also has methods for looking "inside" an asset that is a zip file.

I provide a SwazooResource (response handler) that uses Pragmas to determine the appropriate action for a request.  See my various class' documentation for details.

Load SwazooPragmaResourceDemo to see a sample of using thie package and Swazoo server setup code.

Basically SwazooPragmaResource is similar to Seaside-REST but not as well designed or tested. :-(

I created these two packages so that I could create:


I host the Amber smalltalk source code.  See http://amber-lang.net.  See class comments in AmberResource for how to set up your server.

I have another package in the works that includes publishing your amber code to VisualWorks (just held in Strings, not parsed etc).  This is similar to Amber Skeleton (http://gemstonesoup.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/amber-skeleton-lookout-kaliningrad/) or Kaliningrad (http://gemstonesoup.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/kaliningrad-developing-with-amber-seaside-and-monticello/) but it isn't quite working yet.


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