[ANN] Willow v14.0.0 [v14.0.0] released!

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[ANN] Willow v14.0.0 [v14.0.0] released!

Buenos Aires Smalltalk

Willow, the Web Interaction Library that eases the burden of creating AJAX-based web applications reached it's v14.0.0 version.

A lot has been changed in the interaction and component supplier protocols. See the updated migration notes for details. Details on the defaut behavior and custom options for the affordances provided are presented in the updated documentation. Deprecations for methods and classes are available in the migration package Willow-Core-MigrationTo14 (not loaded by default).

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed most of the server and user agent interaction affordances
  • Changed triggering protocol to allow custom events
  • Merged containers into a single ContainerWebView, with automatic detection of identification needs in specific cases
  • Merged drop downs and select lists, with option to send commands to the listed elements (thanks @jvanecek)
  • Renamed Willow-Tests package to Willow-Core-Tests
  • Changed conditional evaluation of user agent commands to work with JSObject instead of String
  • Merged all CSS class change methods into builder style methods
  • Added support to detect conflicting serialization commands
  • Updated Boardwalk to v6

Non breaking changes

  • Added support for custom error handlers
  • Added support for time fields (thanks @ezeBalsamo)
  • Improved documentation on debugging, creating components, interaction (plus typos thanks to @StephanEggermont)
  • Included development-support as part of the Tools group
  • Automatically identify target component when using setValueTo:thenTriggerChangeOf: affordance
  • Thorough cleaning of internal objects to reduce unncesary code
  • Changed mime type of js files to application/javascript
  • Updated jQuery to v3.5.1


The Buenos Aires Smalltalk team