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[ANN] Working SSL In Squeak

Ron Teitelbaum

A while back I started an implementation of TLS 1.2.  Rob Withers joined the
effort a few weeks ago and is has made terrific progress.  He reorganized
everything, added a proper protocol stack, and now has the certificates

Our version now works with SSL3.0 and TLS 1.1, and DH or RSA using x509v3
Certificates.  There are still a number of things that need to be done but
we can now use squeak to connect as an SSL server and/or client.  See the
examples in the workspace that opens when you load the code.  You will find
our implementation at www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography.  There are two
Monticello Configuration files available to make loading easier.  Load
Cryptography-Configuration.mcm, and then Crypt-Xtra-Config.mcm.  

We could use some help with testing, code review, documentation or any other
help you would like to offer.

There is also support for MS CryptoAPI and CertificateStores for Microsoft
in the MSCert package.  In the future I will be working on integrating this
functionality.  I will also be adding support for KomHttp which is mostly
completed but needs to be updated to support Rob’s new version.

We hope you find this useful and will keep us updated on your use and issues
with our implementation.  If you have any questions please let us know. 
Also again we would like to invite anyone with interest or experience with
cryptography to join our Cryptography Team at
http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/mailman/listinfo/cryptography .

Thanks and enjoy,

Ron Teitelbaum
President / Principal Software Engineer
US Medical Record Specialists
[hidden email]
Squeak Cryptography Team Leader

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Squeak: http://squeak.org/
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