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Tudor Girba-2

I am happy to announce the new home for humane assessment:

Humane assessment is a new software engineering method for making the assessment of software systems practical and manageable. This is made possible by the Moose analysis platform.

The core idea is quite simple: build custom analysis tools to analyze the contextual complexity of your software systems so that you can make better decisions. By decisions I mean anything that has to do with the system: it can be technical (such as, is this concept well encapsulated?, or is my component used the right way?), or it can be broad and strategic (such as, should I refactor my system?).

To make it practical we need to be able to craft tools (sometimes complex tools) fast. This is made feasible by Moose, and in turn, Moose achieves this because of Smalltalk.

The method also covers process and organization-related problems. If you wish, humane assessment is the coat that can place Moose and Smalltalk within any development team.

If you want to promote Smalltalk, perhaps you might want to use this path.

I would be happy to provide more information, support and even materials.



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