[ANNOUNCE] first public release of Surmulot for Windows

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[ANNOUNCE] first public release of Surmulot for Windows

Stéphane Rollandin
hello list,

I'm glad to introduce Surmulot, the integration of all my code for
musical composition:

Windows users are encouraged to download the 80 Mb archive at

When unzipped, you will have Emacs with Csound-x along with µO for
Squeak, Csound, Timidity and a few other apps all integrated by scripts
and TCP/IP and ready to use. No change is made to the registry, no
installation is required, no environment variable is touched.

Double-click "start emacs.bat" and Emacs should open with a welcome
buffer from where several links will help you navigate in the system.

Try the two following demos:

"CSD composition with embedded MIDI"
"CSD composition with graphical envelope editing"

... they will show you how to edit musical data right into csound-x via
graphical morphic GUIs.

This version of Surmulot can be considered a pre-release, and as always
feedback is warmly welcome !


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