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Frank Urbach
Hallo Howard,
I'm running the application as a standalone. So I will try to figured out what's the reason for this behavior.

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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 23:20:37
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Subject: Re: [croquet] WiscWorlds application

Thanks, Frank.

Are you running stand-alone, or within a Web browser?

Running stand-alone, I have never seen a problem doing 'Quit' from
the 'Croquet' menu, and then pressing the 'Start Croquet' button again.

The Web browser links each run a script, which, until just now, did
   World removeAllMorphs
before actually starting the Croquet WiscWorlds application.  If you
then do Croquet->Quit, you have no morphs. Reloading the page (or
browser back, browser forward) would then start everything over.
Maybe we should not have Croquet->Quit in the menu when run within
the browser?  For now, though, I've just commented out that line from
the script. Is this better?

I think initial startup is slower than I'd like it to be. Syncing
after that is too slow when the world being sync'ed is big, but
pretty good for small worlds. (There's a range of world sizes here.
Some are a few megs and ought to be broken up.)

On Jun 29, 2006, at 7:53 AM, Frank Urbach wrote:

> Hi Howard,
> here a little bit feedback. I downloaded the installer and was able
> to start the WisconsinParticipant.
> For the the time of synchronization it was little bit slow but
> after this I was able to run where I want.
> It is very interesting to see, which distance is possible to overcome.
> Every time when I quit the croquet-environment with the menu entry
> "Croquet/Quit" and try restarting the
> croquet-environment an error occurs. Closing and restarting the
> image helps.
> My WAN connection: 2MBit Up- and Downstream here in Germany.
> Many thanks for this example.
> Cheers,
>   Frank