AXValueConvertingControlSite strange behavior

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AXValueConvertingControlSite strange behavior

Giorgio Ferraris
Hi, folks,

first, D4 seems very very good! (ans also faster than D3).

I found a strange behavior when editing an AXValueConvertingControlSite un
the View Composer.

For instance, if you open the WebBrowserShell view and try to double click
on the progId property of the browser component (an instance of an
AXValueConvertingControlSite), you  get a list of AXs on the system, with
the Microsoft Web Browser correctly selected.

If you choose Cancel from the dialog, you lose the selection on your view,
so you can again see the ObjectArts copyrigth. OK, guys, you did a VERY VERY
nice job, but this is just too much advertising, I would have back my old

Thanks for the work!

PS: I developed my first Dolphin tool for the community (the tree view of
package dependency, with included virus...) few weeks ago. It had the
shorten possible life, you already killed it, putting something similar on
the base image.:-) . Thanks, it was very needed!

Ciao to All, and thanks to A&B

Giorgio Ferraris
Eleven srl
Moncalieri (TO) Italy