About loading Grease into Squeak6.0alpha latest update: #17402

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About loading Grease into Squeak6.0alpha latest update: #17402

Hannes Hirzel

FYI: To load Grease [1] into Squeak6.0alpha latest update: #17402 I
had to trick Metacello into assuming to have a Squeak 5.1 image [2].

    (ConfigurationOfGrease project version: #stable) load
went fine.

A fix for Squeak6.0a is needed for the Metacello method in [2].

Kind regards
Hannes Hirzel

[1] MCHttpRepository
    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository'
    user: ''
    password: ''



[2] MetacelloSqueakPlatform

        | attributes  |
        attributes := OrderedCollection with: #squeakCommon with: #squeak.
                at: #SystemVersion
                ifPresent: [:cl | |versionString|
                        versionString := cl current version asString.
                        " Major version "
                        #( 'Squeak3.10' (#'squeak3.10.x' ())
                                'Squeak4' (#'squeak4.x' (
                                        'Squeak4.1' #'squeak4.1.x'
                                        'Squeak4.2' #'squeak4.2.x'
                                        'Squeak4.3' #'squeak4.3.x'
                                        'Squeak4.4' #'squeak4.4.x'
                                        'Squeak4.5' #'squeak4.5.x'
                                        'Squeak4.6' #'squeak4.6.x'))
                                'Squeak5' (#'squeak5.x' (
                                        'Squeak5.0' #'squeak5.0.x')))
                        pairsDo: [:major :allAttributes |
                                (versionString beginsWith: major) ifTrue: [
                                        attributes add: allAttributes first.
                                        allAttributes second ifNotEmpty: [:minorVersions |
                                                minorVersions pairsDo: [:minor :attribute |
                                                        (versionString beginsWith: minor) ifTrue: [
                                                                attributes add: attribute.
                                                                ^ attributes]]]]]].

       "HACK HJH to load Grease into Squeak6.0a"
        attributes add: #'squeak5.x'.

        ^ attributes