About missing services in FileServices initialize

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About missing services in FileServices initialize

Hannes Hirzel
Hello Edgar

In March 2017 there was a topic 'Dropping a morph gives me a funny
menu' [7] in which you took part.

The solution then was to execute

    FileServices  unregisterFileReader: CornerGripMorph

to solve the issue.

The discussion lead to the discovery that the initialization of
FileServices initialize [8] needs attention.
And there is no class comment for FileServices.

FileList uses FileServices. So the rewrite of FileList may be taken as
an opportunity to fix the few remaining issues with FileServices.

Kind regards

[4] FileList class
        FileReaderRegistry := nil. "wipe it out"
        ^FileServices registeredFileReaderClasses

[5] FileServices -- http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/1001

[6] Which file reader classes are not touched by "FileServices
initialize"? -- http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/1023

Note: What [4] FileList class registeredFileReaderClasses
says is that in the olden days FileList acted as a file registry.

This is now done by FileServices [5] but is does not do it for all cases [6].

[7] Unregister a file service

[8] FileServices