About primitiveClipboardText in Clipboard class

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About primitiveClipboardText in Clipboard class

I just add Transcript show in Clipboard ::clipboardText as following:

        "Return the text currently in the clipboard. If the system clipboard is empty, or if it differs from the Smalltalk clipboard text, use the Smalltalk clipboard. This is done since (a) the Mac clipboard gives up on very large chunks of text and (b) since not all platforms support the notion of a clipboard."

        | string decodedString |
        string := self primitiveClipboardText withSqueakLineEndings.
             Transcript show: string.

after primitiveClipboardText  get the content from paste with "$δΈ€ asInteger".

I found the result of string is different between 4.1 and 3.9.

Does it mean before primitiveClipboard, the Squeak has done some decoding?