Action list for Pharo 70 release

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Action list for Pharo 70 release

Stephane Ducasse-3

The team got a meeting about the final points to address before the release.

Here is the summary of action points one and to do to the meeting next month.

      - version info from tag
      - Traits          (In calypso repository, not yet in Pharo)
      - Extensions (In calypso repository, not yet in Pharo)

      - File name / repository should take tag information
                   => Esteban
      - Launcher should be updated automatically without having to
touch it   => Christophe
      - Update Zeronconf
                                    => Esteban + Vincent
      - Review refactorings
                                    => Vincent
      - Integrated Spotter shortcut
                                 => Esteban
      - Selection/Navigation
                                    => ???
    Selection glitches (see why sometimes focus is broken and cmd+W is
wrong)  => Pavel
    FFI recompilation of Structures
                               => Guille
    Backport Unicode Support from Launcher
                     => Guille
    FT2 bug, update Freetype library
                             => Esteban
    Cleaning pharo-scripts repository
                              => ???

Start preparing changes log => Marcus

From what I understood the window 64 bits is to unstable to be proposed.