Adding build of ScratchPlugin & UnicodePlugin

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Adding build of ScratchPlugin & UnicodePlugin

So far as I can tell the Scratch & Unicode plugins are not built for all VM builds. Whilst I can see there is no likely need for them for the NewSpeak systems, and quite possibly not for Pharo configurations, it would be nice to have them included in general Squeak/Cog/Spur VMs.

The current NuScratch code works best on a cog-spur vm, at least on slower machines such as the Pi, and there are a small number of people actively trying to develop variants to use across our platforms. It would be nice to be able to assure them that they need not worry about becoming vm build experts in order to have a suitable Windows (etc) vm to run on.

Assuming that I’m looking at the proper places (ie as one example) then

- all the linuxARMv6 relevant builds are already setup.
 - The linuxARMv7 tree only seems to have some beginnings of NewSpeak builds and so doen’t need any changes.
 - the linux32x86/squeak.cog.spur would need ScratchPlugin adding (this is quite an important VM for the PIXELx86 OS from RPF)
 - linux64x64/squeak.cog.spur would also need the ScratchPlugin
 - the macOS builds seem to need both plugins
 - windows builds ditto

To the best of my knowledge the linux changes should be nothing more than adding the ScratchPlugin to the lists. I have no idea at all what mac & windows would need. Please could someone assist?

Whilst this request for help from someone au fait with the build server is specifically for the NuScratch related stuff, it does at least appear that we could benefit from some unification across the builds more generally. Why no B3DAccelerator plugin for mac64x64 & ARMv6? Why no MIDI, Klatt  nor quicktime for mac/pharo? Would SDL2DPlugin be good across all vms?

tim Rowledge; [hidden email];
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