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Aida and Ajax


For a total Ajax neophyte, Aida is really generous when it comes to add
practical round-trip information/update between the client and the server.

The code snippet bellow just update a WebElement accordingly the state
of an another form, itself mapped to a server model.

I am still wondering how it is processes underneath but it is really great.



    | html check message |

    html := WebElement new.

    check := html addCheckboxAspect: #contents for: (value :=
ValueHolder new contents: true).
    message := self myMessage.
    html addBreak; add: message.
    check onChangePostAndUpdate: message.

    | html |
    html := WebElement newSpan.
    html style: ''.
    value contents
        ifTrue: [ html addText: 'Vrai']
        ifFalse: [ html addTextBold: 'Faux'].
    ^ html

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